Fungsi Present Continuous


Fungsi 1 Menghadirkan waktu terus menerus: mengungkapkan aktivitas SEKARANG

Pengertian tidak bisa dipisahkan dari fungsinya. Berikut ini adalah fitur paling umum yang diperkenalkan kepada siswa pemula, yaitu mengekspresikan kegiatan yang terjadi sekarang. Ya sekarang!

Fungsi Present Continuous

Contoh berikut terdiri dari pertanyaan (interogatif) dan jawaban positif atau negatif.

  • What are you doing now?
    I’m learning English now.
    What are they doing right now?
    They are watching TV right now.
    Are we reading a philosophy book now?
    We are not reading a philosophy book now.
    Is Gracia still looking at me?
    Gracia is not looking at you.

Enrich your vocabulary!

What are you doing now? = What are you doing now?
I’m learning English now = I’m studying English now.
Are we reading a philosophy book now? = Are we reading a book on philosophy now?
We are not reading a philosophy book now = We are not reading a philosophy book now.

Avverbi (Adverb) means “now” the English language is NOW and RIGHT NOW.

The Present Continuous Tense 2 function: declares the activities within a certain period of time

Come to understand the meaning of the second function. In addition to revealing current events, PCT is also used to declare activities within a certain period of time at this time. For example, declare certain activities today (today), a week or a week (this week), a month (this month), a year (this year), basically at some time at this time.

For example: Rina lives in a hotel. Stayed (temporarily) at the hotel in a week. What do you think of English? See examples number 1 and 2.

  1. Is Rina staying at the hotel this week?
    Rina is staying in the hotel this week.
    Do the children sleep with you this month?
    The children are not sleeping with her this month
    What are you writing these days?
    I’m writing about my hometown.
    What are you eating this year?
    I’m eating healthy this year.

Enrich your vocabulary!

these current days = several days
hometown = hometown
healthy food = healthy food

So when you want to say that something is happening today or over a period of time, you can use PCT. Don’t forget to use the appropriate adverb of time.

Understanding the present Continuous Tense can be understood from the 3rd Function: it is in the middle of an activity (it started, but it is not finished)

Subsequently, we can understand the meaning of seeing the function of the third continuous continuous time, ie the activity performed. The activity was carried out before but was not completed.

Confused ??? Illustration, is responsible for designing Science / IPA or other projects. Work on the project when you have free time. The project was started a few days ago, but it is not finished yet.

There are Caucasian friends who ask about your busy life after school / work. The answer could be: I’m doing my scientific project. When you answer, you are not working on the project.

Look at some other examples.

Why is Cathrine learning Italian?
Catherine wants to work in Italy, so she is learning Italian.
Are any of your friends building their house?
Some of my friends are building their home.
Are you taking a driving course?
I’m not taking a driving course.
What are you up to these days?
I’m training to become a supermarket manager.

If you don’t know the verb translation, look for an understanding of the previous verb verb table.

Know the definition of current time present from the 4th function: discover the plans that will be executed in the near future

You can replace Future Tense to declare future plans. Yes, you can use Present Progressive Tense to declare a plan in the near future.

What are your plans for tomorrow night? Dinner with the doi? Going out with friends? Create group assignments? Or what?

This can be revealed as follows.

What are you doing tonight?
I am going to the cinema tonight.
What time does Ketut arrive tomorrow?
Ketut will arrive at 4 am tomorrow.
What are the girls doing on Saturday night?
The girls are celebrating Saturday night.
Does Aley get married next month?
Aley gets married next month.

In essence, if you want to talk about plans for the near future (for example next week or next month), use only PCT. So what are you doing this weekend?

Understanding the definition of continuous time present in function 5: it states things that happen too often, more often than usual (I always do it)

Finally, things happen too often. But there is ALWAYS the word between Being and Word.

So this is the story. Yes, Sarah wants to go to work. But he walked back and forth. He lost his bike’s lock and

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